HUB FBO is a renowned Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) at CYHU Montreal / Saint-Hubert Airport

With a global vision, large facilities, important clients and ultra-reliable services, HUB FBO has made its mark in the industry just a little over 10 years. Apart from being named “Rising Star FBO” by WINGS Magazine and Best FBO in Quebec by Select Aero in 2021, HUB FBO has also earned a perfect 5 Star score thanks to customer Reviews on Google.

Located less than 15 minutes from downtown Montreal; 200,000 sq. ft. property; 47,000 sq. ft. hangar building; 25,000 sq. ft. hangar space; 80,000 sq. ft. ramp space. Situated just off runway 24R, which itself is 7,800 feet long.

Our employees are all very well trained, experienced and have the necessary expertise to work with all types of aircraft and helicopters. Each member of our team must pass an approved stringent training course in order to operate our equipment. With more than fifty (50) years of combined experience, our team is the most efficient and professional there is !

HUB FBO is proud to be a member of the CBAA and NBAA

Not familiar with FBOs? We have you covered.

What is an FBO ?

FBO is short for Fixed-Base Operator. In simpler terms, they are private jet terminals.

The term is given to a commercial enterprise that provides a range of aviation services for private aviation customers, aircraft and crew. When a private jet client catches a flight, they don’t usually use the same airport facilities as commercial airline passengers. Instead, they head for an FBO. An FBO can sometimes be affiliated to an airport. In this case, the airport authority grants rights to operate on their grounds. On the other hand, it can also be privately owned and operate independently from an existing airport. Franchises and FBO chains also exist.

When operating with private jet charters, an efficient FBO will provide quick and hassle-free security screening, boarding and will deliver the luggage to and from the aircraft to the ground transportation vehicle. It offers a more exclusive and private experience. FBOs also provide a range of services to crew and aircraft including aircraft maintenance, hangar storage, refuelling, de-icing, crew rest areas and crew accommodation, conference rooms and more. One of its most profitable services is refuelling. In this sense, an FBO is also a private jet gas station.

We at HUB FBO are proud to offer all these services and many more!

HUB FBO is proud to be a partner of the

Fondation Aérovision Québec

The Aérovision Québec Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing Québec’s aeronautical and space heritage. HUB FBO proudly sponsors and actively supports its members in their projects.

These many projects shared by HUB FBO and the foundation are the result of a joint effort and highlight the colourful history of aviation in Québec. Upon your visit, notice the beautiful wall display located at the entrance of HUB FBO’s hangar at YHU airport…

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